A review for a recent outside catering job

September 2011


This is no ordinary thank you letter - this is a very special thank you
letter for playing such a major part in the huge success that was Hannah and
Rob's wedding.  We have been absolutely deluged with compliments and many
have said that it was the best wedding reception they had been to and that
the quality of the buffet was simply outstanding - for its taste,
presentation and variety of "refreshingly different" salads. And some of
those are very seasoned wedding goers!! Congratulatons and many thanks to
your chefs. I would add to that the exceptional standard of your
waiters/waitresses who really (and instinctively) understood the meaning of
service and performed so effectively and unobtrusively with seemingly little
guidance or direction.

We were also very appreciative of your personal attention to detail in
responding, unprompted, to events as they arose, from providing canapes to
those at the back of the reception line to looking after Hannah and Rob just
before the wedding breakfast.

The marquee set-up looked absolutely wonderful and again, it was the
attention to detail that made the difference. It was always a risk that
where the wedding is organised by the family and the key providers of
marquee, catering supplies, flowers, drinks and the food itself are all from
different organisations, and have to work together in a short space of time,
there could be problems. However on Saturday it looked like a seamless
operation and I am in no doubt that as conductor of the orchestra, you were
instrumental in delivering the perfect performance!

If Elizabeth and I had another daughter we would, without hesitation, repeat
the experience. However, if we can help by recommending you to other
prospective customers we would be absolutely delighted to do so in glowing

With our grateful thanks once again for your significant contribution to the
great success of Hannah and Rob's wedding day.

Kind regards

Tim and Elizabeth