Dear Nick,

I just had to write and say (and all the people who attended are saying) that the evening you produced for me was the best party/soiree, EVER. Every detail. When you first arrived to calm my nerves and then opened the door to greet the guests you set off the mood for an amazing night right away.

The food was divine. The way the little tables and chairs appeared into the crowd was magical. No one remembered the tables being set down. The food appeared also as if by a conjuring trick. Scrumptious food to set off moods as in the film, Babett's Feast.

The little tri colour of deserts at the end reminded me that I was really alive.
But that wasn't the end. The music you set up moved people to dance. But where was there any room? Where had the food and tables gone? Again , magic.

Finally, after the guests wafted off into the night, I settled down with the remaining house guests. You didn't leave us. You brought us wine and served us to the end. I expect in effect you tucked us up into bed.

Thank you Nick and wonderful team of professional and gracious servers. You made my night a memory that I will always cherish.

Thank you again,


Catharine Somerville Wilson